Please check back soon to hear about electronic music events, chip music and electronic/experimental music workshops, as well as upcoming art installations and performance art.

It had been too long since I redid this site.  Things changed, and this site needed to change.

Now we are re-focusing on events, art, shows, workshops, music, everything!  Stay tuned!

What is bagger288, you ask?  Besides being a Tacoma-Seattle-based multimedia art collective, it is also the largest moving land vehicle in the world.  If it isn’t the largest, its damn close.  It’s called a “bucket wheel excavator.”  If you thought the bucket on one backhoe was impressive, imagine a giant wheel covered in buckets, mowing down mountains.

Bagger 288 at Night

I like it when terror and beauty are all wrapped up in one. Like salty and sweet.

And here is another one of my favorites:

Bagger and Bulldozer.

Look closely. See that circle? Bagger just ate a bulldozer.