The second Tacoma Noise Rodeo was last night at Caffe Dei in Tacoma.  I’ll update with more info, and audio soon.  Read on for lots of pictures!

The Lineup was Chris Nunley as Sliide, Dakota Clark as Ovenrake, and Carl Sacha (Full On) with Chris Lehfeldt (Infradead), playing a two-man laptop/modular set together.  Like the last rodeo, everyone jammed together at the end.  Also, many of these pictures are actually bigger than the size displayed here.  Right click, and open the image in a new window or tab to see them bigger.

Sliide Playing a laptop set.


Ovenrake jamming with gameboys and an omnichord.

Full on and Infradead playing their set

All together now!

Blinkenlights! So bright you need shades.