The third Noise Rodeo, at Metronome Coffee in Tacoma, was another grand experiment in sound.  We had a blast.  Here are some youtube videos! Thanks to James (Obscure Robot) for putting all the vids online for us. Thanks to Metronome Coffee for hosting the event.


This is Obscure robot’s set. He played some nice minimal drones with just a delay and a multi effects unit, and a couple contact mics.

This is Four Dimensional Nightmare. He unleashed the chaos with all kinds of electronic toys and his guitar.

This is OUR set!!! Chris and my own first time playing a live set together. I was happy with the result, as far as first tries go, and I think it will get better the more we play! Chris was playing his modular rig, and I played a Nord G2 Modular, some pedals, a mixer, and a KP3.

Long live the Noise Rodeo!