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Reaktor Selections: Noise Toys, Sequencers, Samplers

Here’s part two of my list: everything but effects and synths.  Here you’ll find more of the strange sound generators and tweaked noisemakers, and also some useful samplers and drum machines and loop sequencers. For MIDI/control sequencers ensembles for Reaktor, see my post about it here. Noise Toys, Drone Makers, Grooves: Asonis by Donovan Stringer: read more »

Reaktor: Golden Loop Sampler

As promised, here is another Reaktor ensemble.  I have been needing a good tool for working with drum loops, and didn’t really have anything that fit into my setup right.  So I just made a sample chopper.  There are some good slicers in the library, but, as usual, I wanted something that fit my needs. read more »

Golden Reaktor Grain Sampler!

I haven’t really posted any reaktor patches on this blog.  I have quite a few Reaktor patches that I’ve made that i’m pretty proud of, however!  So, I’m going to try and start parting them out and bringing them here for people.  I try to comment them so they make sense, but you know–these patches read more »