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Michael’s VOSIM Noise Generator for Reaktor

An old friend of mine, Michael, got back in touch with me lately, and shared some great VOSIM work he’d done in Reaktor.  I especially liked his VOSIM remix of a Lazyfish Ensemble called “StereoDigitalRandomNoiseSource.”  The original ensemble was pretty brilliant, but the use of VOSIM for the sound engine creates a crusty organic quality read more »

Golden BPF-FM for Reaktor (bandpass Filtered FM)

Hello all, I’m back!  Here is a new Reaktor patch that Iv’e been using lately.  It is a 4 oscillator FM synth, with bandpass-filtered modulators (with noise), a comprehensive modulation section, and a filter after the four oscillators.  That may sound fairly simple or boring, but there are a lot of options in this one. read more »

Bagger288… alive for 2010!

I am also involved with a noise-improvisation group called bagger288.  We’ve been dormant for a little while, and also have been trying to transition into being more of a multimedia collective rather than just a noise band.  But we are keeping the audio alive and did a great improvisation lately.  You can see the bagger288 read more »

Music DIY: Instant Baggerhorns

Yes, what you see below is the mother of all reed instruments.  Maybe that’s an exaggeration.  But it does hold a special place in my heart.  A good way to get outside of your normal way of thinking about sounds and music is to play an instrument or use tools you’re absolutely unfamiliar with.  Now, read more »

From the Archives: Feedback Series No. 1

I mentioned in my first post that I have a large backlog of material that I want to go through and slowly add to this site.  Here’s the first of that!  In my previous post I wrote about contact microphones and using one to make feedback with my guitar amplifier.  I love feedback.  You could read more »