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Vector R’ector Reaktor Modding

Edit: ensemble updated as of 12-14-13.  Same file, overwritten, same link, found below. Ah, sweet memories of my TG-33 and the vector control joystick that brought me so much PCM bliss.  This week I found a reaktor ensemble by John Bleech called R’ector, which gave me the warm fuzzies.  So first of all, Thanks Mr. read more »

Book Review: Tuning, Timbre, Spectrum, Scale by William Sethares

A benefit of my wife being enrolled at the University of Washington is that I have access to their amazing libraries with her account.  A great thing about getting books this way is that the UW lets you check out books for two months!  Lately I’ve been reading some great books on electronic music and read more »

Processing, Visuals, Ratios

I’m working on an audio visual piece for a gallery show that is coming up in a couple months, where I am doing visuals and algorithmic melody generation in processing, and using Reaktor as the sound engine. If you haven’t heard of processing, it’s a free visual and multimedia programming language that is based on read more »

Harmonic Ratio Arpeggiator

I’ve gone on another microtonal trip lately, and have been working with ratios again.  The thing about composing music with frequency ratios is that it places you in a brave new world where each interval is made up of TWO numbers instead of one (as in the traditional system, a fourth, third, fifth, etc).  There read more »

Micro Tune your MIDI synths with Reaktor

More microtuning stuff: I’ve been using my TX81z and reaktor lately for synthesizing microtonal music.  I didn’t realize I had another way to get microtonal sitting right under my nose: I could just use reaktor to microtune my synths using pitchbend data!  The limitation of this method is that you can only have one note read more »

Golden Master and my Golden Numbers

On the header of this site, it mentions “tunings,” in addition to the musings and so on.  I thought it was about time to explain these golden numbers to my humble followers.     Recently, I’ve been interested in other things, but last year I especially dove into researching the overtone series, where musical harmony read more »