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Granular Primer part 2: Control Data, Statistics, Reaktor Ensembles

When there are hundreds of grain events happening every second, generating enough control data for all the grains is an interesting challenge.  Most software approaches this problem in a straightforward, but somewhat boring way.  For instance, a common approach with all grain software is the “jitter” or randomization of parameters between certain values–randomly selecting a read more »

Just Intonation: Overtone Scales

I’ve been up to a lot in the past six months, and even some electronic music stuff.   And I have been hoarding all my goodies and not posting about them.  So here’s me trying to catch up with all you fine folks who check out my blog. I’ve been interested an working with overtone read more »

Harmonic Ratio Arpeggiator

I’ve gone on another microtonal trip lately, and have been working with ratios again.  The thing about composing music with frequency ratios is that it places you in a brave new world where each interval is made up of TWO numbers instead of one (as in the traditional system, a fourth, third, fifth, etc).  There read more »

The God Chord: Reaching back in Time

An interesting aspect of using special tunings is that it gives you a way to reach back in time and use some of the exact same tunings as older musicians, even ones from almost 3000 years ago!  The greeks wrote down their tuning systems, and they have been translated in numerous publications.  The greeks used read more »