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Reaktor Selections: Noise Toys, Sequencers, Samplers

Here’s part two of my list: everything but effects and synths.  Here you’ll find more of the strange sound generators and tweaked noisemakers, and also some useful samplers and drum machines and loop sequencers. For MIDI/control sequencers ensembles for Reaktor, see my post about it here. Noise Toys, Drone Makers, Grooves: Asonis by Donovan Stringer: read more »

Reaktor Selections: Synths and Effects

A first look at the Reaktor User Library is a baffling proliferation of sounds and tools that are visually incongruent and hard to understand.  Even the factory content that comes with Reaktor, alone, is a massive pile of ensembles that are hard to figure out and get through–I think this is one of the main read more »

Granular Primer 3: Audiomulch and the Metasurface

The metasurface is the best shit ever.  Really.  I use it primarily for granular synthesis, but it has all kinds of uses.  Like I mentioned in my previous granular synthesis posts, the difficulty with granular sound is the large amount of control data necessary.  I’ve found great sounds with single settings, but using the metasurface read more »

Granular Primer part 2: Control Data, Statistics, Reaktor Ensembles

When there are hundreds of grain events happening every second, generating enough control data for all the grains is an interesting challenge.  Most software approaches this problem in a straightforward, but somewhat boring way.  For instance, a common approach with all grain software is the “jitter” or randomization of parameters between certain values–randomly selecting a read more »

Granular Primer: Part 1

Granular tools for sound have become so ubiquitous that they are available to anyone, and often we are using granular algorithms in our software without even realizing it–for time stretching, or pitch shifting for example.  I found this magical tool back in the day as a teenager when Audiomulch was free and running on windows read more »

Reaktor: Golden Loop Sampler

As promised, here is another Reaktor ensemble.  I have been needing a good tool for working with drum loops, and didn’t really have anything that fit into my setup right.  So I just made a sample chopper.  There are some good slicers in the library, but, as usual, I wanted something that fit my needs. read more »

Golden Reaktor Grain Sampler!

I haven’t really posted any reaktor patches on this blog.  I have quite a few Reaktor patches that I’ve made that i’m pretty proud of, however!  So, I’m going to try and start parting them out and bringing them here for people.  I try to comment them so they make sense, but you know–these patches read more »

g2 Granular Synthesis update

I made a new and improved granular patch for the G2, based on the one I posted here earlier.  This one gives you two streams of grains per-keyboard note: one of bandpass filtered noise, and one of FM synthesis grains, that you can cross-fade between with the control pedal input on the G2.  The speed read more »

Granular Synthesis on the G2

More g2 stuff!  One of the things I was excited about getting this Nord Modular for was doing granular synthesis with it.  I’ve loved playing with granular synthesis in Reaktor and Audiomulch, and with various VST plugins.  Doing granular synthesis was somewhat limited in the Nord Micro Modular I had before getting this G2 because read more »