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Golden BPF-FM for Reaktor (bandpass Filtered FM)

Hello all, I’m back!  Here is a new Reaktor patch that Iv’e been using lately.  It is a 4 oscillator FM synth, with bandpass-filtered modulators (with noise), a comprehensive modulation section, and a filter after the four oscillators.  That may sound fairly simple or boring, but there are a lot of options in this one. read more »


Well, for all you poor bastards who don’t own a G2 modular, and can’t use the VOSIM patch I made for mine, I have put together a VOSIM patch in Reaktor.  Actually, part of the reason I made it was just to implement some features I couldn’t get in the G2, and because I thought read more »

Granular Synthesis on the G2

More g2 stuff!  One of the things I was excited about getting this Nord Modular for was doing granular synthesis with it.  I’ve loved playing with granular synthesis in Reaktor and Audiomulch, and with various VST plugins.  Doing granular synthesis was somewhat limited in the Nord Micro Modular I had before getting this G2 because read more »

From the Archives: Feedback Series No. 1

I mentioned in my first post that I have a large backlog of material that I want to go through and slowly add to this site.  Here’s the first of that!  In my previous post I wrote about contact microphones and using one to make feedback with my guitar amplifier.  I love feedback.  You could read more »