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Liine Lemur for iPad

I’ve spent the past week learning the lemur workflow and working on templates, and made a template to control Numerology, Audiomulch, and Reaktor.  I replaced two midi controllers with Lemur, and now control everything with my iPad and Novation Launchpad, which i’ve found to be an elegant and flexible solution.  I can do all my read more »

Granular Primer 3: Audiomulch and the Metasurface

The metasurface is the best shit ever.  Really.  I use it primarily for granular synthesis, but it has all kinds of uses.  Like I mentioned in my previous granular synthesis posts, the difficulty with granular sound is the large amount of control data necessary.  I’ve found great sounds with single settings, but using the metasurface read more »

Live Set Preview: Guitar and Drums

I’ve been working on my live set that I’ll be playing next month on Dec 4th at the “Sugar” bakery in the first hill neighborhood here in seattle.  I’m using the stuff i’ve been blogging on lately: Audiomulch, the Novation Launchpad.  I’m also playing my guitar through some external effects before it goes into my read more »

Launchpad, No Live: Novation Launchpad Review

    I recently picked up a Novation Launchpad because I wanted the control options of a grid controller, even though I don’t use Ableton live.  I plan on using the Launchpad with Reaktor, Audiomulch, and possibly Processing.  The price wasn’t hard to swallow either.  I’ve seen very little info thus far on people using read more »

Live music: signal flow, performance, Geiger Counters

    I have been preparing for a show I’m playing next month here in seattle.  When I am getting ready for a live set, that usually means that I am putting a patch in Audiomulch or Reaktor.  This time, I am putting something together in audiomulch 2.0.   I’ve played a handful of shows read more »