Live Set at The Funhouse

Another thing I’ve been up to lately is playing a few shows around town.  I pulled off my best set at the Funhouse, where I did a techno-oriented set with my g2 keyboard and effects.  It’s funny to be playing a live set with my main instrument as a keyboard, and not even knowing how to play the keys!  Despite that,I think it worked out great.  The g2 is the best live performance tool I’ve ever used, except for a computer, and a whole lot more reliable.  It takes a lot of patching work to get it there, though–out of the box it is more of a normal synthesizer.  But with the g2′s sequencer modules, you can sequence and perform your entire set with nothing but the keyboard–but I think effects help.

Setup for my Funhouse liveset

I didn’t record the show, but it sounded a lot like what I had recorded for my rehearsal sessions.  I recorded this track using what you see up there, all played in realtime.  All the main melodies are done with one of my just intonation patches.

Funhouse Set Jam Mp3 


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    Cool stuff!

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