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I <3 Oscilloscopes

Just a post with some fun images.  I’m going to work on some electronics (more on this later), so I got out the scope that my friend Ryan generously gave to me.  Ran the modular through it.  How could something NOT sound awesome with waveforms like that.  Looks like a shark’s face about to rip read more »

Processing Graphics: Image Analysis and Algorithmic Drawing

The radio silence of late has mostly been due to the fact that i’ve been spending much more time on photography and graphics than on music.  But I decided, what the hell, I should share the graphics stuff, too. I have a show in a gallery coming up and my work for it is mostly read more »

Processing, Visuals, Ratios

I’m working on an audio visual piece for a gallery show that is coming up in a couple months, where I am doing visuals and algorithmic melody generation in processing, and using Reaktor as the sound engine. If you haven’t heard of processing, it’s a free visual and multimedia programming language that is based on read more »

Nazdot iz Coming

My partner in crime, John Farrell, of Bagger288 has an upcoming website, which I will be designing.  Look out for it! He’s a great artist and his writing will blow your mind.  Also expect more activity on the bagger288 front.  Stay tuned!  Above: a painting-collage of his, titled “Mobile Birthrights”