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Live Set at The Funhouse

Another thing I’ve been up to lately is playing a few shows around town.  I pulled off my best set at the Funhouse, where I did a techno-oriented set with my g2 keyboard and effects.  It’s funny to be playing a live set with my main instrument as a keyboard, and not even knowing how read more »

New Guitar Blog/Site!

Lately i’ve been practicing guitar like a madman, and also trying to get a guitar instruction and performance business going.  I’ve made a new site where I’ll be blogging about all things classical guitar, and where you can find information if you’re interested in taking lessons or hiring me for a gig.  Check it out! read more »

Tacoma Noise Rodeo

Hi everyone.  I am going to be playing a show in Tacoma in 11 days, at what my friend Chris (otherwise known as infradead) has dubbed the Tacoma Noise Rodeo.  There will be chiptunes, my friend playing his modular synth, and I will be playing some drones and ambient music with my fretless/slide guitar, in read more »

New Tracks: Reflection Pool

I’ve been working on the Audiomulch patch for my live set, getting ready to (hopefully) play some shows coming sometime soon.  It’s a pretty elaborate setup, which i’ve mostly described before:  I use Audiomulch with a midi controller (novation remote zero), midi foot controller (Behringer fcb1010) and a novation launchpad, as well as a big read more »

Hello There! New Series: Image Tracks

Sorry It’s been so long since i’ve been regularly posting!  I’ve been tied up with a lot of crazy stuff.  But I’m going to get back on the ball again, so, yes, I’m alive, and I’m here! I’m going to start a new series here, where I post tracks and images together–music inspired by photos read more »


It’s a beautiful sunday here in seattle, and moving is on my mind.  My wife and I will be moving to new digs in the downtown Seattle area in the coming weeks, into our first real “home.”  We’re buying a place!  I don’t normally post about personal matters here, but it’s exciting, and, also, I’ll read more »