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Vector R’ector Reaktor Modding

Edit: ensemble updated as of 12-14-13.  Same file, overwritten, same link, found below. Ah, sweet memories of my TG-33 and the vector control joystick that brought me so much PCM bliss.  This week I found a reaktor ensemble by John Bleech called R’ector, which gave me the warm fuzzies.  So first of all, Thanks Mr. read more »

Just Intonation: Overtone Scales

I’ve been up to a lot in the past six months, and even some electronic music stuff.   And I have been hoarding all my goodies and not posting about them.  So here’s me trying to catch up with all you fine folks who check out my blog. I’ve been interested an working with overtone read more »

Goodbye Studio

I took a break from guitar practicing for a little while, and had fun just messing around with the studio for a week or two.  Anyway, I’m going to get back to practicing again.  So I thought i’d write one more track before I got back to business. More microtonal music made with my harmonic read more »

More Just Intonation Music (and g2 patch)

I’m playing an upcoming show (the next noise rodeo) where I’ll be using my Nord G2 keyboard, so I was going over some of my old patches, finding the best ones to use.  I found a patch called “partials pad” that creates a drone note and cycles through different overtones over the drone to create read more »

Overtone Ear Training: Hearing Inside a Tone (with Reaktor)

I’ve been reading the book, Harmonic Experience by W.A. Mathieu.  He starts the book by explaining how to build the notes in a musical scale by deriving them from the overtone series.  The difference between Mathieu’s writing, and what I have read in other books about the topic, is that he encourages the reader to learn read more »

Overtone Series Music with the Harmonic Ratio Arpeggiator

A while ago, I wrote about a Harmonic Ratio Arpeggiator system that I had implemented in the G2 Modular and Reaktor.  I messed around with Numerology sequencing this arpeggiator to get some interesting textures and harmonies. In this track I mostly just worked directly with the overtone series as suggested in the Tuning, Timbre, Spectrum, read more »

Book Review: Tuning, Timbre, Spectrum, Scale by William Sethares

A benefit of my wife being enrolled at the University of Washington is that I have access to their amazing libraries with her account.  A great thing about getting books this way is that the UW lets you check out books for two months!  Lately I’ve been reading some great books on electronic music and read more »

Ear Training with Just Intonation

Lately I have been working on of ear training, as I mentioned in my previous post.  I have mostly been doing this with the aid of my only keyboard, a Nord G2.  As I’ve also mentioned before, one feature of this keyboard is that it can (with some tweaks) be tuned to all kinds of read more »

Processing, Visuals, Ratios

I’m working on an audio visual piece for a gallery show that is coming up in a couple months, where I am doing visuals and algorithmic melody generation in processing, and using Reaktor as the sound engine. If you haven’t heard of processing, it’s a free visual and multimedia programming language that is based on read more »

By the Numbers

Here is a new track I made, featuring more use of my harmonic ratio arpeggiator.  I was also using my Pitch Bend Tuner to tune my hardware synths to the microtonal pitches the arpeggiator was generating.  An interesting aspect of making tracks with the ratio arpeggiator is that there are no longer any “notes” in the read more »