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Live Set Recap

I recently had a show at the Upstairs in Belltown, and I thought i’d provide a few tracks here of material I was working on for the show.  I used my lemur+numerology setup that is detailed in my previous post.  My friend nick made an awesome poster for the show too, I thought i’d show read more »

Granular Primer 3: Audiomulch and the Metasurface

The metasurface is the best shit ever.  Really.  I use it primarily for granular synthesis, but it has all kinds of uses.  Like I mentioned in my previous granular synthesis posts, the difficulty with granular sound is the large amount of control data necessary.  I’ve found great sounds with single settings, but using the metasurface read more »

Catching Up (tracks!)

I’m feeling motivated to post more regularly here again.  Over the past year I have been mostly silent, but there’s been lots of tracks.  I’ll post a couple to get the juices flowing again.  I’ve also started doing a collaboration with my friend Kenric, alias BigPhone.  We have some finished tracks but are still trying read more »

Golden BPF-FM for Reaktor (bandpass Filtered FM)

Hello all, I’m back!  Here is a new Reaktor patch that Iv’e been using lately.  It is a 4 oscillator FM synth, with bandpass-filtered modulators (with noise), a comprehensive modulation section, and a filter after the four oscillators.  That may sound fairly simple or boring, but there are a lot of options in this one. read more »

Processing… nothing

Hooking up some pedals today, I noticed a nice sound coming from the processing of the line noise from the send bus on my mixer (or wherever it was coming from).  I got lost in the sound for a while. Something about the idea of making sounds by processing the latent electronic chaos present in read more »

Goodbye Studio

I took a break from guitar practicing for a little while, and had fun just messing around with the studio for a week or two.  Anyway, I’m going to get back to practicing again.  So I thought i’d write one more track before I got back to business. More microtonal music made with my harmonic read more »

More Just Intonation Music (and g2 patch)

I’m playing an upcoming show (the next noise rodeo) where I’ll be using my Nord G2 keyboard, so I was going over some of my old patches, finding the best ones to use.  I found a patch called “partials pad” that creates a drone note and cycles through different overtones over the drone to create read more »

Ruin Modular slaved to Nord G2 modular

I figured out how to sync the new modular to my midi studio.  It has a clock input–so I just send a tempo-synced trigger to the modular from my g2.  The line level signal isn’t hot enough, so I boosted it with a simple radioshack amplifier.  Since I can move the modular through it’s sequence read more »

New Ruin Synth Jam

I had a chance to sit down and work with the modular synth again today.  It’s a long story, but I had to take apart my studio and put it back together again.  With all my stuff that’s quite an ordeal.  Felt good to have everything set up again.   Made with what you see read more »

Ruin Synth: Crust, Drones, Evil.

It has been a long time coming, but last month, I finally got the analog modular synthesizer that Phil Baljeu, otherwise known as Ruin of Ruin and Wesen, has been building me.  It is a one-off, custom designed analog synthesizer with a built in 8-step sequencer.  It looks like a communications device from an abandoned soviet read more »