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Processing… nothing

Hooking up some pedals today, I noticed a nice sound coming from the processing of the line noise from the send bus on my mixer (or wherever it was coming from).  I got lost in the sound for a while. Something about the idea of making sounds by processing the latent electronic chaos present in read more »

More Just Intonation Music (and g2 patch)

I’m playing an upcoming show (the next noise rodeo) where I’ll be using my Nord G2 keyboard, so I was going over some of my old patches, finding the best ones to use.  I found a patch called “partials pad” that creates a drone note and cycles through different overtones over the drone to create read more »

I <3 Oscilloscopes

Just a post with some fun images.  I’m going to work on some electronics (more on this later), so I got out the scope that my friend Ryan generously gave to me.  Ran the modular through it.  How could something NOT sound awesome with waveforms like that.  Looks like a shark’s face about to rip read more »

Ruin Modular slaved to Nord G2 modular

I figured out how to sync the new modular to my midi studio.  It has a clock input–so I just send a tempo-synced trigger to the modular from my g2.  The line level signal isn’t hot enough, so I boosted it with a simple radioshack amplifier.  Since I can move the modular through it’s sequence read more »

Overtone Series Music with the Harmonic Ratio Arpeggiator

A while ago, I wrote about a Harmonic Ratio Arpeggiator system that I had implemented in the G2 Modular and Reaktor.  I messed around with Numerology sequencing this arpeggiator to get some interesting textures and harmonies. In this track I mostly just worked directly with the overtone series as suggested in the Tuning, Timbre, Spectrum, read more »

Ruin Synth: Crust, Drones, Evil.

It has been a long time coming, but last month, I finally got the analog modular synthesizer that Phil Baljeu, otherwise known as Ruin of Ruin and Wesen, has been building me.  It is a one-off, custom designed analog synthesizer with a built in 8-step sequencer.  It looks like a communications device from an abandoned soviet read more »

Launchpad in Numerology!

The most recent release of five12 Numerology included full support for the Novation Launchpad.  It’s amazing!  Here is a demo of myself using it to sequence a track.  This track is a little bit long, but I am sequencing all the patterns and mixing everything live, so it takes a while, and I mess around read more »


Well, for all you poor bastards who don’t own a G2 modular, and can’t use the VOSIM patch I made for mine, I have put together a VOSIM patch in Reaktor.  Actually, part of the reason I made it was just to implement some features I couldn’t get in the G2, and because I thought read more »

VOSIM Synthesis for the Masses

I’m always on the lookout for interesting new ways to get sounds, or new synthesis methods.  Especially ones that don’t take a degree an DSP engineering to figure out.  VOSIM fits the bill.  VOSIM is a kind of formant synthesis where you can control the formant (louder peaks in the frequency spectrum, like in vocals) read more »

Harmonic Ratio Arpeggiator

I’ve gone on another microtonal trip lately, and have been working with ratios again.  The thing about composing music with frequency ratios is that it places you in a brave new world where each interval is made up of TWO numbers instead of one (as in the traditional system, a fourth, third, fifth, etc).  There read more »