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I <3 Oscilloscopes

Just a post with some fun images.  I’m going to work on some electronics (more on this later), so I got out the scope that my friend Ryan generously gave to me.  Ran the modular through it.  How could something NOT sound awesome with waveforms like that.  Looks like a shark’s face about to rip read more »

Ruin Modular slaved to Nord G2 modular

I figured out how to sync the new modular to my midi studio.  It has a clock input–so I just send a tempo-synced trigger to the modular from my g2.  The line level signal isn’t hot enough, so I boosted it with a simple radioshack amplifier.  Since I can move the modular through it’s sequence read more »

Ruin Synth: Crust, Drones, Evil.

It has been a long time coming, but last month, I finally got the analog modular synthesizer that Phil Baljeu, otherwise known as Ruin of Ruin and Wesen, has been building me.  It is a one-off, custom designed analog synthesizer with a built in 8-step sequencer.  It looks like a communications device from an abandoned soviet read more »

Roland MKS-70 Review, monstrous drones

I recently received, from the internets, a Roland MKS-70 synthesizer.  The MKS-70 is a massive 2-unit rackmount analog polyphonic synthesizer that is the equivalent of two Roland Jx-8p synthesizers–so it has 12 voices, and can play two patches at once.  Holding all 12 of those analog voices obviously takes a lot of room, and it read more »