Monthly Archives: February 2012

Processing… nothing

Hooking up some pedals today, I noticed a nice sound coming from the processing of the line noise from the send bus on my mixer (or wherever it was coming from).  I got lost in the sound for a while. Something about the idea of making sounds by processing the latent electronic chaos present in read more »

Goodbye Studio

I took a break from guitar practicing for a little while, and had fun just messing around with the studio for a week or two.  Anyway, I’m going to get back to practicing again.  So I thought i’d write one more track before I got back to business. More microtonal music made with my harmonic read more »

More Just Intonation Music (and g2 patch)

I’m playing an upcoming show (the next noise rodeo) where I’ll be using my Nord G2 keyboard, so I was going over some of my old patches, finding the best ones to use.  I found a patch called “partials pad” that creates a drone note and cycles through different overtones over the drone to create read more »

Overtone Ear Training: Hearing Inside a Tone (with Reaktor)

I’ve been reading the book, Harmonic Experience by W.A. Mathieu.  He starts the book by explaining how to build the notes in a musical scale by deriving them from the overtone series.  The difference between Mathieu’s writing, and what I have read in other books about the topic, is that he encourages the reader to learn read more »