Monthly Archives: April 2010


It’s a beautiful sunday here in seattle, and moving is on my mind.  My wife and I will be moving to new digs in the downtown Seattle area in the coming weeks, into our first real “home.”  We’re buying a place!  I don’t normally post about personal matters here, but it’s exciting, and, also, I’ll read more »

By the Numbers

Here is a new track I made, featuring more use of my harmonic ratio arpeggiator.  I was also using my Pitch Bend Tuner to tune my hardware synths to the microtonal pitches the arpeggiator was generating.  An interesting aspect of making tracks with the ratio arpeggiator is that there are no longer any “notes” in the read more »

The God Chord! Just Intonation–Overtones, Octaves

On some previous blogs i’ve written on, I had a series of articles that I called “The God Chord” where I talked about tuning, the overtone series, and all the magical connections between numbers, math, frequencies, geometry and music.  I think that the simplicity and beauty of the numbers behind music have been obscured behind read more »

Greetings from the Lab

I had some time last week or two to sit down and work out some tracks, and thought I’d share them up here.  I make a lot of tracks, of differing lengths, levels of detail, and spend more or less time on different ones.  Many tracks are the kind that I put together in an read more »

Launchpad in Numerology!

The most recent release of five12 Numerology included full support for the Novation Launchpad.  It’s amazing!  Here is a demo of myself using it to sequence a track.  This track is a little bit long, but I am sequencing all the patterns and mixing everything live, so it takes a while, and I mess around read more »