Monthly Archives: March 2010


Well, for all you poor bastards who don’t own a G2 modular, and can’t use the VOSIM patch I made for mine, I have put together a VOSIM patch in Reaktor.  Actually, part of the reason I made it was just to implement some features I couldn’t get in the G2, and because I thought read more »

Track: Floating Ship

A track I made recently.  Doesn’t really fit in with the album I’m working on, but I liked how it turned out.  So here it is!   MP3 Audio for “floating ship” The technical details:  The synth bass sound was Roland MKS-70, Vocal sampling done in Reaktor, Drums done in the Nord G2, and I read more »

Nazdot iz Coming

My partner in crime, John Farrell, of Bagger288 has an upcoming website, which I will be designing.  Look out for it! He’s a great artist and his writing will blow your mind.  Also expect more activity on the bagger288 front.  Stay tuned!  Above: a painting-collage of his, titled “Mobile Birthrights”

VOSIM Synthesis for the Masses

I’m always on the lookout for interesting new ways to get sounds, or new synthesis methods.  Especially ones that don’t take a degree an DSP engineering to figure out.  VOSIM fits the bill.  VOSIM is a kind of formant synthesis where you can control the formant (louder peaks in the frequency spectrum, like in vocals) read more »


comes from many places.  Getting weird music on cassettes… now that’s inspiring.  I think I found my new favorite record shop in seattle.