Monthly Archives: January 2010

anise starscape

Today I picked up a bottle of Pernod at the liquor store.  I’ve been planning on cooking up some mussels with some pernod, fennel, tarragon, and other stuff after eating some amazing mussels at a local Seattle restaurant, “Matt’s in the Market.”  I poured myself a couple glasses of the stuff and got to work on a big crusty read more »

The Mother Lode

I put this blog up, for the most part, to get people interested in my music.  In general, there is a lot of technical ramblings and audio experiments, as well as synthesis-related stuff on here, and postings about various gear that I use.  I wanted to make a post with just a few more finished-sounding read more »


Last year, my friend John Farrell and I did a project for display at my friend’s gallery.  it was a small installation with a video playing on a small old tv, running this video: There is also a higher quality DIVX version here:  zymoBoxRender2.divx If you prefer just the audio of the track, you can read more »

Reaktor: Golden Loop Sampler

As promised, here is another Reaktor ensemble.  I have been needing a good tool for working with drum loops, and didn’t really have anything that fit into my setup right.  So I just made a sample chopper.  There are some good slicers in the library, but, as usual, I wanted something that fit my needs. read more »

Golden Reaktor Grain Sampler!

I haven’t really posted any reaktor patches on this blog.  I have quite a few Reaktor patches that I’ve made that i’m pretty proud of, however!  So, I’m going to try and start parting them out and bringing them here for people.  I try to comment them so they make sense, but you know–these patches read more »