Monthly Archives: December 2009

g2 Granular Synthesis update

I made a new and improved granular patch for the G2, based on the one I posted here earlier.  This one gives you two streams of grains per-keyboard note: one of bandpass filtered noise, and one of FM synthesis grains, that you can cross-fade between with the control pedal input on the G2.  The speed read more »

Bagger288… alive for 2010!

I am also involved with a noise-improvisation group called bagger288.  We’ve been dormant for a little while, and also have been trying to transition into being more of a multimedia collective rather than just a noise band.  But we are keeping the audio alive and did a great improvisation lately.  You can see the bagger288 read more »

G2 Patch: Golden Drums Sequencer

One of the things I was most excited about getting this G2 modular Keyboard for, was the great interface for live performance and sequencing.  Before I got it, I didn’t even realize that it had such great built-in step sequencing features!  Lacking a good drum machine (honestly, I think the only drum machine worth having read more »

Lost in Japan

Just a quick jam I did with the g2 (drums), reaktor (for sampling), and my MKS-70 (synthesis). Mp3 audio for “Lost in Japan”

Granular Synthesis on the G2

More g2 stuff!  One of the things I was excited about getting this Nord Modular for was doing granular synthesis with it.  I’ve loved playing with granular synthesis in Reaktor and Audiomulch, and with various VST plugins.  Doing granular synthesis was somewhat limited in the Nord Micro Modular I had before getting this G2 because read more »

Evening Remedy for Insomniacs on the G2

Another sleepless evening, despite the fact that I have to wake up at 6 in the morning tomorrow.  When I can’t sleep, I like to sit down at the studio and throw together some sort of evening remedy, usually a drone, or some sort of hypnotic sound.  Tonight, I used my new favorite toy, the read more »

Sun Ra’s Ihnfinity, Inc. Charter

Sun Ra incorporated his organization into an entity called “Ihnfinity, Inc.”  He actually incorporated it twice, the second time after the expiration of the first corporation.  I read the Charter of this corporation in the book, “Space is the Place” by John F. Szwed and thought it was too good not to share. The first read more »


I made a lot of recordings when I was preparing my live set that I played recently.  I’m still waiting to get the audio from that set!  My friend (hecanjog) who recorded it is still on tour, and in the process of moving from New York to San Francisco, so I figure i’ll get it read more »

Just another track…

Well, here’s a track for anyone interested.  I just got a nord g2 modular keyboard and it’s making my head explode continuously.  here’s a jam I did with it.  the track is all g2 except for that pad ostinato thing that starts coming in partway through the track. MP3 audio for “zither”

Micro Tune your MIDI synths with Reaktor

More microtuning stuff: I’ve been using my TX81z and reaktor lately for synthesizing microtonal music.  I didn’t realize I had another way to get microtonal sitting right under my nose: I could just use reaktor to microtune my synths using pitchbend data!  The limitation of this method is that you can only have one note read more »