Monthly Archives: November 2009

Live Set Preview: Guitar and Drums

I’ve been working on my live set that I’ll be playing next month on Dec 4th at the “Sugar” bakery in the first hill neighborhood here in seattle.  I’m using the stuff i’ve been blogging on lately: Audiomulch, the Novation Launchpad.  I’m also playing my guitar through some external effects before it goes into my read more »

Launchpad, No Live: Novation Launchpad Review

    I recently picked up a Novation Launchpad because I wanted the control options of a grid controller, even though I don’t use Ableton live.  I plan on using the Launchpad with Reaktor, Audiomulch, and possibly Processing.  The price wasn’t hard to swallow either.  I’ve seen very little info thus far on people using read more »

Live music: signal flow, performance, Geiger Counters

    I have been preparing for a show I’m playing next month here in seattle.  When I am getting ready for a live set, that usually means that I am putting a patch in Audiomulch or Reaktor.  This time, I am putting something together in audiomulch 2.0.   I’ve played a handful of shows read more »

From the Archives: Giant Squid Attack!!

    Here is an old jam from a few months ago, when I was living in Tacoma.  I did this track with my Nord micro modular for the drums, my Waldorf Microwave II for the squiddy-sounding synth, and with my yamaha TG33 for the subtle pad in the background.  The rest of the effects read more »

Piezo Sounds: University District, Seattle

Here are some more various recordings I’ve made on my contact microphone adventures, these all from the neighborhood I’m currently living in, here in Seattle.  Feel free to pilfer these tracks and use them in your own music, and let me know if you do! I made some recordings of a contact microphone attached to a street read more »

The God Chord: Reaching back in Time

An interesting aspect of using special tunings is that it gives you a way to reach back in time and use some of the exact same tunings as older musicians, even ones from almost 3000 years ago!  The greeks wrote down their tuning systems, and they have been translated in numerous publications.  The greeks used read more »

Music DIY: Instant Baggerhorns

Yes, what you see below is the mother of all reed instruments.  Maybe that’s an exaggeration.  But it does hold a special place in my heart.  A good way to get outside of your normal way of thinking about sounds and music is to play an instrument or use tools you’re absolutely unfamiliar with.  Now, read more »