Monthly Archives: October 2009

God Chord: Gimme Seven

I’ll explain this God Chord business later.  I spent most of today doing some research on different harmonic ratios for tuning, and thinking about constructing scales out of them.   I made a couple little ratio etudes with a scale that I sort of “found,” where I focused on ratios with sevens and multiples of read more »

More Simple Pleasures: 4 track tape music

I had this old 4 track tape recorder sitting in a bin up in my closet for the past couple years.  In fact, I’ve even made multiple attempts to sell it, but nobody was interested in paying the exorbitant ($75?!) price.  I never got around to using it too much because it was such a read more »

Golden Master and my Golden Numbers

On the header of this site, it mentions “tunings,” in addition to the musings and so on.  I thought it was about time to explain these golden numbers to my humble followers.     Recently, I’ve been interested in other things, but last year I especially dove into researching the overtone series, where musical harmony read more »

Radio Disney meets Golden Master

Sometimes you can make the most cliched, vapid content– in my case, recordings from TV shows, soap operas, radio stations–and make them seem profound with a simple change of context.  I believe that this cultural detritus truly is profound, but we have to separate ourselves from our disgust or boredom with these things and  see read more »

Waiting for the Rain

Something you wouldn’t expect someone from Seattle, Washington to have to spend much time doing, right?  Two days ago, I woke up to the sound of the rushing wind and the melodious percussion of the rain against my window.  I jumped out of bed so I could grab my recorder and get a contact microphone read more »

Fretless tone clusters

I’ve done some experimenting with electric guitar and looper pedal over the past year (I have an AKAI headrush looper.)  Before I ever became interested in microtonal music, I bought this guitar (and an amp) and a bag full of cables for something like $40.  At the time, I didn’t even play guitar!  My friend read more »

River Rain –tx81z meets five12 Numerology

This afternoon I was eating some “special chicken” at a restaurant here in a Seattle called China First.  I wasn’t sure if it was awful or delicious, but it was served with soup, fried rice, and a pot of hot tea, and was only $5.  I’ll be back.  Anyhow, in seattle today it was pouring read more »

Piezo Sounds: Steam heat!

I don’t know why it only occurred to me for the first time this afternoon to put a contact microphone on the radiator, because it sure as hell sounds good that way.  It has a nice boomy resonance when you hit it, and there is some sort of bar on the inside that makes some very nice read more »

From the Archives: Feedback Series No. 1

I mentioned in my first post that I have a large backlog of material that I want to go through and slowly add to this site.  Here’s the first of that!  In my previous post I wrote about contact microphones and using one to make feedback with my guitar amplifier.  I love feedback.  You could read more »

Simple Pleasures (more piezo music)

To continue on with the thread of my previous post, here’s another blog about music made with piezoelectronics.     Also, in after hearing a comment from a friend to the effect of, “looks great! but I have no idea what you’re talking about!” I realized that my previous post was to dense with music-techie read more »