There was a lot of hair-pulling and tooth-gnashing that went into the coding of my program that I use to make my algorithmic drawings.  It took a few weeks to get right.  And the algorithm is very processor intensive, so I would sometimes have to wait 5 or 10 minutes or longer just to see the results of one specific set of values for the algorithm.   And then I would tweak the numbers a little bit, and try again.  It was a painstaking process.  Here, I’d like to share some of my “drafts” that I made before I came to my final results.  I’ll post a gallery of images with explanations in the captions.

This is the original photo that I used for my "Stair Trees" image. it is an alley in downtown Seattle with a fire escape.

Stair Trees Draft 1

This is a kind of first draft, where I am testing that the algorithm correctly found the lines and angles in the image.

A second draft, seeing if I could do something interesting with lines and boxes.

Here I make my first attempt at using an "L-System" algorithm to draw over the image. I was going for a fractal, geometric look.

Here, I start getting close to my final result. I use the same "L-System" algorithm but start trying to get a more organic look.

And this is the final version! It is displayed as a 13"x19" print.