Bagger288 is a multimedia collective that creates experimental music and audiovisual installations and art.  It is currently comprised of John Fisher, who writes music as “Golden Master,”  and Chris Lehfeldt, creating music under the alias “infradead.”

We want to bring together experimental electronic musicians and multimedia artists in Tacoma and give them a place to perform, make connections, and find inspiration.  To this end, Chris has organized several events, including the chiptune event Shiftwave, and the Tacoma Noise rodeo.  We are currently looking for venues looking to host the rodeo in the future, so please let us know if you have a space and are interested!

Bagger288 was originally the collaboration between John Fisher and John Farrell.  John Farrell tragically passed away in 2009, but Fisher wants to continue the legacy of the art and music they created together by continuing to use the Bagger 288 name and creating great art and music.  The two Johns together produced live improvised experimental music, wrote poetry, made video art, paintings, and multimedia sculptures, and laughed, lived art and enjoyed life to the fullest.  We plan to continue this legacy.

John and Chris jamming at Caffe Dei

John, Chris, and friends Jamming at the Tacoma Noise Rodeo at Caffe Dei. Chris is the barely visible fellow with the headband on.

Chris, or Infradead’s website can be found at  He posts here about experimental music and analog modular synthesis.

John, or Golden Master’s website is at  He posts here about his compositional ideas, microtonal music, as well as his visual art and programming.

Chris Lehfeldt can be contacted at infradead –> AT –>

John Fisher can be contacted at myopicfisher –> AT –>

Chris at Metronome Coffee in Tacoma

Chris (infradead) playing a Gameboy through his infamous analog modular system at Metronome Coffee in Tacoma.

John and john, gallery 1412 Seattle

John Fisher and the late great John Farrell (the original bagger 288 duo) performing at gallery 1412 in Seattle.